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Addict Relentless Fork Gun Metal

Addict Relentless Fork Gun Metal

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Material: Aluminium Weight: 319 g Offset: Yes Tube length: 170 mm 8 mm SCS thread Compression systems: SCS, HIC and ICS Compatible with 100, 110 and 115 mm wheels Also compatible with Eagle Radix wheels (115 mm x 30 mm). Please note that Addict Relentless fork comes WITHOUT spacers needed to be used with Radix wheels.

Primary Compress System Compatibility: SCS,ICS,HIC

Wheel Hub Width Compatibility: 24 mm,30 mm

Wheel Axle Size Compatibility: 8 mm

Compression top cap: No cap

Fork | Wheel PU Width Compatibility: 24 mm,28 mm,30 mm

Fork | Wheel Diameter Compatibility: 100,110,115

Fork Offset: Offset

Material: Aluminium

Design: Monoblock

Thread: Threadless

Compress System: IHC shim not included

Crown race: No crown-race

Spacers to the wheels hub: Washers

Fork material: Aluminium

Compress screw: No

Starnut: Yes

Tube length: 170

Axis length: 55

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