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Ethic Erawan Stuntstep Blauw 86 cm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Ethic Erawan Stuntstep Blauw 86 cm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ethic Erawan Stuntstep Blauw 86 cm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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DECK Erawan deck Length : 530 mm Width : 114 mm Foot space: 355 mm Concave : Yes Headtube angle : 82.5° Integrated headtube BARS Ethic Dryade Bars Aluminium Height: 620 mm Width: 580 mm Outer diameter: 34,9 mm Slit: Yes Backsweep: Yes FORK Ethic Legion fork Aluminium Threadless One-piece Offset: Yes WHEELS Ethic Incube wheels Diameter: 110 mm Aluminium cores Spoked COMPRESSION SYSTEM ICS WEIGHT 2 965 g Max rider weight: 100 kg

Wheel Axle Size Compatibility: 8 mm

Deck | Wheel PU Width Compatibility: 24 mm

Fork | Wheel PU Width Compatibility: 24 mm

Deck | Wheel Diameter Compatibility: 100,110

Fork | Wheel Diameter Compatibility: 100,110

Deck headtube: Integrated

Deck Neck: Welded

Fork Offset: Offset

Handlebar Outer Diameter: Oversized 34,9 mm

Handlebar Shape: Y

Wheel Core: Spoked

Wheel Core Material: Aluminium

Slitted: Yes

Brake type: Flex brake

Bearing class: ABEC9

Number of skrews in the package: 2

Inner diameter: 28,7 mm

Wheel Diameter: 110

Wheel Hub Width: 24 mm

Wheel PU Width: 24 mm

Design: Monoblock

Thread: Threadless

Deck material: Aluminium

Deck thermal process: T6

Handlebars thermal process: T6

Handlebars material: Aluminium

Fork material: Aluminium

Compress system: ICS-10

Concavity: Yes

Backsweep: Yes

Headtube angle: 82.5

Footspace: 355

Load capacity: 100

Total height: 860

Handlebar Width: 580

Handlebar Height: 620

Deck Width: 114

Deck Length: 530

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