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Ethic Deildegast 62 Bar Raw
Ethic Deildegast 62 Bar Raw

Ethic Deildegast 62 Bar Raw

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CrMo 4130 Fully heat treated Height: 620 mm Width: 610 mm Weight: 1032 g only! Outer diamter: 31,8 mm Slit: Yes Backsweep: Yes Pre-installed starnut. You need to run Ethic ICS to use the bars properly. You can run the Deildegast bars with SCS too. In this case you need to cut the slit off or insert a steel shim into the downtube (thus eliminating the function of the slit).

Primary Compress System Compatibility: ICS,IHC

Handlebar Outer Diameter: Standard 31,8 mm

Handlebar Shape: Y

Slitted: Yes

Material: CrMo

Inner diameter: 28,7 mm

Backsweep: Yes

Handlebar Height: 620

Handlebar Width: 610

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